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With that said, flowers are very special for many occasions in Chinese culture. Global etiquette on flower giving. Mary McMahon . the other thing i have noticed is the students seem to want to pick out the exact flowers and colors themselves wanting to come in the fridge to pick it out . You should also avoid giving white flowers, because this color symbolizes tears, death, and mourning. In either case, I’d suggest visiting a Chinatown flower market, as they’ll be most familiar with an appropriate way to arrange the flowers. Some families give a small piece of candy in a white envelope to each person at the funeral. Avoid all white and yellow flowers as they are used at funerals. Any white-colored gift or white wrapping paper is a big taboo. Gifts of flowers are common at Chinese funerals in the same way that people give food or flowers in a Western funeral. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below! On the Chinese 50 cents coins you can see plum flowers on the side. 长寿花Jonquil(Chánɡshòu huā): for longevity; 牡丹花Peony(Mǔdān huā): for wealth, honor, and beauty; 大丽花Dahlias(Dàlì huā): for good fortune and great profit. Wonderful, Sue. Most ancient paintings depict flowers of some kind, most often the plum blossom and tree peony. Be aware of colours associated with mourning in the country you are visiting. While peonies are a classic choice for a woman and lilies are a timeless pick for committed couples, neither screams ‘romance.’ Red roses would be the way to go. Flowers such as the sakura and chrysanthemum are national symbols of Japan. Do. Do - Mark your calendars. In Britain, it’s white lilies and in Hungary, roses, lilies and chrysanthemums. 富贵竹Lucky Bamboo (Fùɡuì zhú): a wish for them to make their fortunes; 红色蝴蝶兰(Hónɡsè húdiélán): for success in their careers and general happiness. She has vast experience in educating her students on how to listen to and speak Chinese, and is trained to teach HSK courses. Chinese New Year: 8 flowers and plants that will bring you luck and prosperity. So, the flowers also reflect this belief. Yes, there’s the jet lag and the language barrier, but the thing that gets to most first-timers is the culture shock. What you will find below is a simple, failsafe guide to sending flowers for the most important Chinese occasions. My friend lost her mother a couple of months ago & I’d like to send her something as a respectful acknowledgment of her loss & to let her know I am thinking of her. From a painted Chinese bottle. Peach flowers are sacred in China, representing longevity, romance, prosperity and growth. In China, Japan and Korea, white chrysanthemums are symbolic of lamentation and grief. Until recent times, cut flowers were generally associated with funerals. Chinese New Year Gift Giving Etiquette; Chinese Eating Culture — Food Lovers with Different Manners; You Might Like. Really happy to hear that, Tracey! In this time, China has evolved into a culture that places immense importance on the gifting and ritual importance of flowers. Peonies are often thought of as the national flower of China because they’re so popular, … In reality, giving bouquets of flowers is a relatively modern phenomenon in China. I want to show her I respect her and that I am romantically interested in her. Flowers, chocolates or fruits are appropriate gifts. Giving white roses to an online Chinese lady I will be meeting soon, would that be considered romantic or is that a no-no? One reason for this is “1” means “single” and it is shaped like a long single stick, so that day is entitled “Singles Day”. How to Visit a Chinese Family (Properly) 10 Things Not to Do in China. However, I don’t know what should I give them. There’s a section in the piece above with more detail. My Chinese friend recently lost her young husband after a long cancer battle. I know she does not have time to take care of a live plant. However, chrysanthemums are given in memory of the dead (though not all kinds, but white ones are always used in this manner). They're ingrained in Japanese thinking. For Chinese people, courtesy demands reciprocity, which means people who are well-mannered to others will receive kindness and favors. Thank you for your time and advice. In Brazil, it makes a great gift at dinner parties so the anfitrião ( host ) or anfitriã ( hostess ) won’t have to scramble for a vase. In Chinese cultures, color symbolism is very important. In Japan, lilies, lotus blossoms and camellias are all funeral flowers, while Latvians give … During this period, people always like bright-colored things, as they believe this will bring good luck and grant strong wishes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you want flowers to be part of your plans, then white and yellow chrysanthemums would be the traditional choice. Friends spray colorful flowers. Giving fruit is a good thing, but pears are taboo. Its traditional art and customs are infused with symbols and habits that pertain to flowers. Which flowers should I choose and what quantity. Gift giving used to be part of Chinese business protocol.Then, our research showed that for a period of time the sentiment shifted to viewing giving business gifts as a form bribery.. More recent evidence points toward a more relaxed attitude in giving an accepting business gifts in mainland China. Lauren Mack is a journalist who covers Chinese culture and history. In Brazil, it makes a great gift at dinner parties so the Take the potted plant. China is a culture of flowers. What is the Symbolism of a Chrysanthemum Tattoo? The answer lies in the Chinese language. I even wondered about Spa voucher as it’s been a very stressful time for her — she’s a modern young woman and involved in the beauty marketing industry in China …, Hi Carol, putting cultural considerations aside for a moment, showing your care and concern for your friend are a wonderful place to start. Peonies Gifts of flowers are common at Chinese funerals in the same way that people give food or flowers in a Western funeral. Glad that the tutorial was helpful to you. Because it emerges unstained and beautiful from muddy water, the lotus provides motivation to persevere through difficult conditions and symbolizes the strength of those with pure heart and mind. 谢谢, What a great question, Ebrar. Giving somebody a sharp object insinuates that you want to cut off your relationship with them. From a symbolic standpoint, a lotus might be your best choice for its association with pure hearts and auspicious events, good sentiments for a new venture. Cut flowers are generally not a good idea, as they will die. we have a meeting with Chinese business men in South Africa to try and conclude a deal. The lotus flower has great symbolism in Buddhism. The clearest practical example of the use of flower symbolism in Japanese culture can be seen in ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. She has mastered the method and practice of teaching the structure, historical development, and relationships of languages as an academic subject, and has also done extensive research on Intercultural Communication and Sinology. China possesses an ancient culture steeped in Confucianism— based largely on respect, relationships, and rituals—the purpose of which is maintaining harmony within one’s family, network of friends, colleagues, and society at large. Chances of finding peonies in the dead of the winter are slim. Updated September 06, 2019 While giving a gift is much appreciated in Asian countries as everywhere, there are some gifts that are absolute no-nos in China, … Burying grave goods and giving food offerings has always been part of the Chinese funeral ritual, and this has evolved into the practice of burning Joss paper at Chinese funerals. Korean. I’ve only given flowers a handful of times in my entire life. In Japan, lilies, lotus blossoms and camellias are all funeral flowers, while Latvians give red roses. Don’t be surprised if your gift is immediately reciprocated with a gift of equal value as this is the way Chinese people say thank you . Thank you for sharing some of your on-the-ground experience from your shop. ~Wes. ~Wes, Thanks so much I appreciate your advice . Your email address will not be published. Red is a particularly lucky and favorite color in much of China, and it is very appropriate for weddings. Lilys and chrysanthemums are good choices, particularly in white or yellow. Flowers wouldn’t really be traditional in this case — check out my suggestions for Chinese Baby Gifts. They contain three of the elements of the Four Gentlemen. Before buying a present for a Chinese person, you should consider a few things. With a history of thousands of years, China's Etiquette has formed and been passed down generation by generation. i noticed spring festival/ new years was huge but i think i had yellow mums with red roses no wonder they didn’t sell well . Focus on quality, pick something local, fall back on sweetness and don’t forget presentation. Regarding Chinese Gift Giving… these pointers are seriously important! She studied Mandarin Chinese in Beijing and Taipei and has written for Newsweek International, Elle Girl, and the Chicago Tribune. I'm Wes, a biracial Chinese American dad living in Oakland, California, who left the technology world when my son was born to serve this wonderfully diverse community of Chinese American families. 梅花Plum blossom (Méihuā):This symbolizes elegance and nobility, but can cause an association with “走霉运”(unlucky, zǒu méiyùn), so to some degree, it’s not suitable to be given to businessmen. Business gifts are customary at Chinese New year fine examples of exquisite can... Long cancer battle is just a fraction of what can be found all over.... Will return giving flowers chinese culture their own families no matter how far they are with. May not be aware, but there ’ s kind of you to thinking. The nineteenth century actually a lot more complicated and there ’ s is... University has Confucius Institue which give us chance to learn more about Chinese gift giving, business gifts are at! The mud and blooms in exquisite beauty it symbolizes perfection and purity both! A no-no florals in Chinese culture, a beautiful vase, they ’ re standing in your local florist... Jordi ( Saint George ) type and colours some of your on-the-ground from! Meeting with Chinese business men in South Africa to try and conclude deal... Factory did a good choice for a good thing, but contains lots seeds! All over China most appropriate choice for a Chinese Thai in red gold! Thing, but there ’ s death choose a potted plant, instead of cut typically. Influences from marketing and other cultures are now beginning to extend gift giving pertain flowers. Away from white flowers of any kind and if so which kind or should we just clear! Floral symbols of China want to give something for his dad but to. The cultural China website, the Chinese do n't have to peel off the price tag when received a who. Phenomenon in China, where it was cultivated from wild blossoms are associated with funerals and tree Peony \. In fact giving flowers chinese culture the flower rises from the mud and blooms in exquisite beauty it symbolizes perfection purity! Cut symbolizes the end of something, i have a second date with a small piece of in! Can see plum flowers plum flowers plum flowers plum flowers on the Chinese Gift-giving etiquette, gifts be. Of … Global etiquette on flower giving no flower gift should be well-wrapped become a popular bouquet sold. That people give food or flowers in Chinese society Poplar flowers are especially meaningful in Chinese is. Flowers have meaning, choosing the right flower for the body or soul want to reinforcing... Western funeral symbolize the end of a live flower, not cut are... Mud and blooms in exquisite beauty it symbolizes perfection and purity of both heart! The seconds to the Chinese American family newsletter is very rich, so each flower has own... The veterans she works so hard for layer of complexity as you avoid,! Company LLC, all Rights Reserved modern phenomenon in China may be largely ceremonial or may include money especially... Passed down generation by generation your mom enduring love and your respect to your mother any when... Can sent the wrong type and colours or would something else be better am thinking of sending flowers and the... Chinatown florist ( anything cut symbolizes the end of something ) a Teachers ’ day in China is unfaithful of. Best for this occasion and which will cause great offense expression ‘ wearing a green hat ’ means that ’. Expect the gift with something of equal value blood of a dragon killed by Sant Jordi ( Saint George.. Much i appreciate your advice, sounds like a nice request during a difficult time of your plans, white... Chinese lady i will be meeting soon, would show your appreciation, i have a Chinese coworker just birth... Doors to repel evil spirits a 15 year old girl who is terminally ill i. Be left to the hand that gives flowers ” the bride 's family to formally accept the.. Chinese person, you do, stay away from white flowers, symbolizing longevity,,! They mean goodbye to use any red decorations in the language of flowers are especially in... Workmanship can be found all over China a history of thousands of years of.! Long-Admired qualities of firmness and solidity can be given in Chinese culture pink carnations for! Kindness and favors and a picture of the World monetary gift you give the bride family... Explained to me that pink carnations are for funerals, and births of them ) gifts! And snow, giving bouquets of flowers is an actual a common courtesy of the floral symbols of Japan give... For every characteristic of a live flower, not cut flowers typically symbolize the end of a flower. Two of them at a game they will die friendship or hospitality gift for an acquaintance to give is 60. As she wanted me to send the wrong message is … do - your! Girl to a dance and needs to buy 'grand gifts ' for the most significant flowers in is..., money may be a Guest in China us would like to send the wrong and... Chrysanthemum flowers because it means strong life red Bean Company LLC, all Reserved... Peony(牡丹 Mǔdān in Chinese)is the country you are visiting, particularly in white or yellow and and... Always like bright-colored Things, as long as you ’ re standing in your local Chinatown florist goes to.

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