The cuddly and sweet furry member of our household can be the cause of a plumbing disaster. Whatever kind of pet you prefer, we can all agree that these little creatures can bring immeasurable happiness to the family. However, most of our pets are furry and some require litter, which can put a toll on your plumbing system. If you have a pet at home it is important to implement some measures to avoid plumbing disaster that can be caused by our furry friends. Here are the 5 plumbing tips for pet owners as suggested by our favorite Bunbury plumbing services.

Secure exposed pipes and use drain covers

Exposed pipes and open drains are susceptible to plumbing disaster especially if you have kittens and puppies that love chewing pipes and drains when their teeth are developing. Small pets can accidentally fall or get trapped in open drains or pipes. To prevent this disaster from happening, place cover on drains and see to it that every exposed drains are all pet-proof. Place heavy furniture in the front of exposed pipes to block the pets in getting near to it or wrap the pipe to discourage chewing. You can also discourage chewing by keeping your pet busy with chew toys. Keep the cover of the floor drain if you have small pets like hamsters and kittens.

Use drain strainer to keep the hair from clogging the pipes

All pets sheds, even pets with short hair. A Generous amount of hair can shed from your pets especially at bath time where the pets usually squirm a lot. With the drain strainer, you can make sure that pet hair and even human hair will not go down the drain that may cause the pipes to clog. It can help cleaning your tub easier too.

Keep the toilet lit down

Most of the pets love to quench their thirst on toilet bowls. Drinking on your toilet is not good for your pet’s health because when we clean our toilets we usually use chemicals that can be hazardous to their health. For the safety of your pets, always keep the toilet lid down and make sure to leave plenty of clean drinking water for your pets.

Do not flush cat’s litter

I repeat do not flush cat’s litter down the drain even the packaging says “flushable.” Cat’s litter do not belong in your drain. Most of these products can cause damage to your plumbing system. In most cases, they cause the build-up in your drains.

These simple pet-friendly tips can go a long way in preventing some major plumbing disasters caused by our furry friends. If you run into any plumbing problem make sure to contact Bunbury plumbing services before it becomes a major disaster.