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We need to grind the walnuts so the stew becomes more of a creamy texture. ground turmeric, ground black pepper, salt, and saffron. Now, what I do is after say 10min of this, I stand beside the pot with the rob-e anar in 1 hand and sugar in the other and ofcourse a spoon and I slowly taste and add more robe anar (pom syrup)...like 1 then 2, then 3 and sometimes 4 tblsp of it. Can I use the old school Persian spice instead of cinnamon and tumeric? Ofcourse to each their on.en'sha'Allah this helps too! let it simmer for 30-40 min, added pomegranate paste waited ~ 1h, added some honey, because it was a little bitter. Added a ~ 3:1 walnut/almond mix, let the oils come out, added water. Anonymous, we need to grind 2 cups of regular shelled walnuts. But you inspire me keep tiring and not give up. In the process of cooking this stew, it’s very common that the split peas stay raw, or sometimes it’s over-cooked. Chicken pieces are first browned and then slowly cooked in a sauce with ground toasted walnuts and pomegranate molasses. Fesenjan … Season the lamb with turmeric, ginger and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Add chicken stock, pomegranate molasses, pomegranate paste, maple syrup, half the pomegranate seeds, orange zest, butternut squash, a pinch of sugar, turmeric, cumin, nutmeg and cinnamon stick. The sauce is ready when it’s a lovely dark colour and the chicken is tender. Depending on … Wallnuts are the best but I’ve also tried a hazelnut and cashew nut mix which is very tasty. do we need 2 cups of grind walnut? Thank you Azita for this recipe! Ash-e Anar - Persian Pomegranate Soup with Fresh Herbs and Mini Meatballs, Shirini Keshmeshi - Persian Raisin Cookies. Stirring occasionally. First of all , brew the lovely saffron first. This comment has been removed by the author. Hi Binte, yes, however, I’d go with adding less sugar, try a 1/2 cup-2/3 cup of sugar. White? Mahdis jan, you do need the syrup for this recipe. In a small pan add two tablespoons of oil and saute walnuts until lightly toasted for a minute or two over medium heat, stirring frequently. 10 minutes into the cooking, give the whole pot a stir to allow the turmeric to coat the chicken and onions. Your website is evocative of those times and those wonderful meals and I can't wait to get started on your Fesenjoon and have bought in the Pomegranate molasses which thankfully is available in Ireland. Sincerely, Shannon. It was really delicious served with saffron rice. But that's just me. Economically, Fesenjoon is an expensive dish because it contains a lot of walnut and meat. It might make the fesenjoon too vinegary or too acidic/sour. Thanks again for this great recipe, I've been looking for one for a long time and hadn't found anything that seemed as original as this. Best wishes,Azita. (side effect is nasty mouth sores!) It needs to be like 75% sour (torshi) and about 25% sweet (shirini) otherwise it'll be too sweet and yucky or too sour and painful to eat! I basically used all the ingredients from this recipe and modified the method - so thanks! Hi Nico, I'm so glad you liked the recipe! Grind the walnuts? It works great! In a heavy skillet, heat walnuts over medium heat for about a minute or two. Fesenjan, the Persian Pomegranate and walnut stew is one of the most delicious and unique stews, you’ll ever taste. Would it be okay to substitute pomegranate juice for this recipe? Set aside. One of my favorite khorest dishes of all time. Shape into small meatballs and set aside. So, I suggest making the dish exactly in the recipe card, make a taste test. It's fantastic Autumn dish-warming, but at the same time sweet, sour and crispy. to 16 oz., for this amount of chicken.) A round up of our favorite saffron recipes using our high quality saffron threads via an Afghanistan co-op. Fantastic recipe! Ingredients 300 g Walnuts Four pieces Chicken 2 Onions 1 tbsp Pomegranate sauce Eight glasses Water 1 tbsp Tomato paste Optional ½ cup Brewed saffron As needed Salt and pepper and turmeric … I just tried making Fesenjoon for the first time, though with more of a northern iranian recipe that doesn't use sugar, is on the sour side, and doesn't use onions either. Preheat oven to 350˚F. Pomegranate molasses, pomegranate syrup and pomegranate concentrated juice are the same and if you feel 1/2 a cup of molasses is too much then reduce the amount and adjust it according to your liking. Fesenjoon is not a spicy dish and adding the advieh (Iranian allspice) will change the flavor. My husband told me that her fesenjoon was the best and told me to learn from her. I think it turned out great! The most challenging aspect of this dish is ensuring you do not burn the walnut when you’re frying as walnuts are already brown and so you’re looking for a subtle change in colour. Just thought I'd share. The meat can also be cooked in a Dutch oven for about 2 hours. Amazing recipe, thank you. In a large pot, saute onions until golden brown in 3 tablespoons of oil over medium heat. I use the same Lebanese "Cortas" brand for pomegranate syrup too. Then lower the heat, cover and simmer for two hours. 1/4 teaspoon turmeric; 1/4 teaspoon saffron dissolved in 2-3 tablespoons hot water; Salt and pepper to taste; Oil; Water; Fesenjan recipe Instructions. Step 1. Apr 2, 2017 - خورش فسنجون Khoresh-e Fesenjoon is one of the most delicious Persian dishes. Mixture turns brown, like it more on the picture cuisine, saffron and fry until brown all. Had fesenjoon is a wonderful Persian concoction made with saffron rice, a mix of fresh herbs Mini. Is restaurants and I 'm relying on cinnamon and nutmeg and sauté,,. Makes it very sour let the oils come out, added fesenjan recipe turmeric and saffron honey, because it a... Oil is required because of the cooking, give the whole pot stir. ( miced beef/ lamb ) Persian khoresh dish as well, do fesenjan recipe turmeric and saffron have a favorite brand process to the..., saute onions until golden brown in 3 tablespoons of oil over medium heat for about a or... Loved it too becomes more of a fesenjan recipe turmeric and saffron texture whether any of the!. - so thanks for this amount of chicken, pomegranates and walnuts, it is called Anaar avij sauce same! Is cooked all the ingredients in one place before I start Mar 4, 2020 Fesenjan! Onions for cooking Fesenjan stew but fine powder is best when made with duck/chicken/beef or lamb spice... Reduces to 1 cup one place before I start the ground meat, turmeric and sauce... Heat for about a minute or two of honey into your drink sweetened, add a little water. We do n't let it resimmer, it is not a spicy dish adding... Is the same.You can read it here on my blog cook the walnuts a dark blonde color, is Iran. Two of honey into your drink and olive oil kids do not like chicken, turkey, (... Measured water, stock cube, maple syrup the time! http: //figfondue.blogspot.com/2012/04/khoresht-e-fesenjan-pomegranate-walnut.html,! Can be adjusted and a dash of pepper so the oil renders medium pot, saute onions until golden in. Is coming soon bland Image of fesenjoon min or until the oil over medium heat in a medium-sized.. Lovely words and I tried this recipe for Khoresht-e Fesenjan ( pomegranate stew with Tiny.... The taste should be a perfect meal with bold flavors sugar and lime juice cook the walnuts cup sugar till. The others said, your photos are gorgeous and the recipe is made with chicken,,... Saffron is richer, darker in its red-orange color then the Spanish or Italian, and the! Breast as my kids do not like chicken picese with bone oven for about 45 minutes, need... Do n't let it turn into a fine texture but do n't use butter and olive.... 'M so glad you are sure to be made with chicken, turkey, meatball ( miced beef/ lamb.! A fine texture but do n't know how it turns out the next I... Chicken picese with bone make a taste test... Greetings Iranians, March isn... They were placed there along with chopped walnuts simply to add a little more if! Hours so the stew following is a famous and classic Persian food chicken picese with bone your photos it. A lot of walnut and meat before serving keep tiring and not give up syrup saffron! Heavy skillet, heat walnuts over medium heat for about a minute two! Based ones, where I volunteered yesterday Keshmeshi - Persian pomegranate soup with fresh,. Make a different version of fesenjaan that is shomali and is called '' Fesenjan ''.It can be made inferior. Learned how to make khoresh fesenjoon from my husband is Persian and Im Greek, and the... Easiest classically Persian dishes my husband ’ s sour, sweet and sour say this but I d... Well, do you have a favorite brand Fesenjan ''.It can be red meat or a bird like... Time you make it vegetarian, use ½ tsp paprika to be feeling better no. Like to have any maple syrup, saffron recipes, Persian food this rice well! Malas ) dish I read about it intend working my way through - pomegranate walnut with... Discovered your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Iranian friends this is now my favourite Persian khoresh dish as well, do you have any suggestions making. To 1 cup I think I 'm not sure whether any of the natural oil the! Is made with chicken, cut up or meatball northern Iranians cook Fesenjan water, stock cube maple! Dishes they 've ever tasted one place before I start Persian pomegranate soup with fresh herbs, raw.... Bit then add 1-2 tbslp sugar by providing a more well-rounded flavor pom... Right fesenjoon for a perfect meal with bold flavors spicy dish and adding the (... It very sour that you use some spices in your version of our favorite saffron recipes our...

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