Most of the small and medium businesses are struggling in maintaining their overhead low, and most of these businesses choose to consider renting a serviced office rather than the conventional office space. The serviced offices in Kewdale are becoming a mainstream occupancy option among companies of different nature and sizes. The serviced offices industry is rapidly growing as the need to for affordable and convenient office spaces increases.

If you are planning on renting a serviced office in Kewdale there are different types of space you may choose upon. Here are the brief descriptions of different types of serviced offices:

The Co-working spaces

The co-working spaces are commonly an open plan space where the different businesses or renters are sharing a communal office with a shared meeting room. This type of serviced office is ideal for businesses that embrace the concept of collaboration with other organizations.  Serviced office providers, such as The AspireCenter, helps in fostering their clients by providing tailored support and help forge valuable connections for businesses.

The Traditional serviced office space

The traditional serviced office space is like a conventional offices pace that offers your business a private corporate space of your own. The size of office space and equipment are commonly tailored according to your business needs. Space can be decreased or increased in order to accommodate your company’s growth. However, the conference rooms, receptionist, lobby, pantry and other extras are shared with other tenants.

The Virtual Office Space

Just like its name implies, the virtual office is virtual. Virtual offices are ideal for start-up companies that most of the employees are working home-based or from any part of the world but needed a legitimate business address without actually occupying the space. The virtual office will only be used for correspondence and incoming calls which will be answered by a professional receptionist.  Renters of virtual office can use the conference or meeting room for a face to face meeting with clients. Emails, correspondence, and calls will be forwarded to wherever you want it forwarded.

The Accelerator workspace for start-ups

The accelerator workspace is for start-ups that are looking for a space to work at very low cost. The accelerator workspace offers hot-desking and shared work areas where you can use your own laptop with an option of using an office or conference rooms for meetings.

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