Of course, it is cool to become an entrepreneur. People look up at those few brave souls who tread the hazardous entrepreneurial path. Successful entrepreneur get interviewed on TV, they get featured on magazines, written about in newspapers and talk about in social media. So, you want to start a business and become an entrepreneur because it is cool. You want to be to be famous!

However, when an author Steve Blank, a startup expert, was asked of what is the major error that most of the young entrepreneurs make? He says that, wanting to become an entrepreneur because it’s cool is the biggest entrepreneurial mistake you could make.  Starting a business because it is cool, it is like wanting to be a rockstar or becoming a basketball MPV or just simply want to be glamorous and famous. Maybe, most of the problem is a product media glamorizing success story of startup entrepreneur without emphasizing the hard and dirty work that is needed to be done to become successful.

Young, aspiring entrepreneur should know that being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the part.  It is a back and nails breaking hard. Being an entrepreneur is an exhausting job, and it is not meant for lazy and faint hearted. At a start may not even afford to rent a virtual office Welshpool because being an entrepreneur is not simply about starting a business and then you magically start raking millions. It may looks glamorous on paper, but the major mistake a start-up entrepreneurs can commit is confusing it with a regular job. If your main goal for becoming a start-up entrepreneur is to be famous or to be cool, then should expect to fail terribly.

Don’t keep your full attention merely on the amount of money you can gain from your business or how cool you would look when you get be interviewed. Instead, give your full concentration on important things like how could you improve your product and services, strategize on how to serve your customer better, how invest your profit wisely, how to keep your employees motivated, and how to win market competition and other critical factors that can make your business better and successful in foreseeable  future.

Starting up a business and becoming an entrepreneur is a not a walk in the park. It is a back-breaking, no sleep, and no partying hard work. But in the end, it will all worth it.