Leaving will is the best thing to do to secure the inheritance of your loved ones. For parents, it is the best thing you can do make sure that your children’s future is secure even you are no longer with them. Writing a will is an important thing you should do now to make sure that your children and your loved ones are taken care for the by people you trusted when you die. By writing a valid will you can ensure that your children inherit your worldly possession when the time comes.

In writing a will I would like to emphasize the word valid and legally binding. Since there are many available examples of will and will writing tool that could be found online you may be tempted to write a do-it-yourself will to the save cost of hiring a probate lawyer Fremantle. However, when it comes to wills and probate issues, writing your will DIY style can be a big mistake because there is a big risk of committing an error that would invalidate your will. In a serious legal matter like such as writing a will, a professional help from probate lawyer in Fremantle is a must. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get the help of a probate lawyer in writing a will:

  1. Error-free will

A will must be error free. When you write a DIY will you might commit a crucial error that would cause to invalidate your will such as forgetting to affix your signature on the will. Other most common errors committed in DIY wills are forgetting to update the content of your will, fail to tell anybody where you kept the will, and improper amendments that may nullify the entire will.

Remember that you will not be around to correct the error when the time that your will is needed.

  1. Use of vague wording that would lead to confusion

In doing a DIY will you may state your provisions in a vague wording that would lead to confusion and can be misinterpreted. On the other hand, a professional lawyer is knowledgeable and skilled in using legal language that is clear and concise so that there will be no confusion in the interpretation of your will when the time comes. Remember that you will be around to explain what you mean when the reading of your will is done.

  1. To avoid incorrect assumption

Having incorrect assumption is a common mistake committed in a DIY will. For instance, you will your property to your child, what would happen if you outlived your child? There are hundreds of incorrect assumptions may occur when writing a will. To be on the safe side, a hire a trained lawyer to handle these types of contingencies.

  1. Handwritten will may not be valid

Probate courts may not recognize your handwritten will if it does not follow the correct guidelines. A must be witnessed and notarized. A lawyer can ensure that your will is valid and can withstand the scrutiny of a probate court.

  1. Probate lawyer is not expensive

Contrary to popular knowledge, hiring probate lawyer is not that expensive. The cost would depend on the complexity of your estate. Get a quote from a trusted probate lawyer in Fremantle so that you will have an idea of how much you need to spend for a specific, solid last will and testament.