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“2) these people were all killed by one No gas chambers to do the job, not even automatic weaponry,”. The Holocaust has left its mark as one of the darkest moments in history. [, Those killed through the euthanasia program included the "malformed, old, diseased, senile, or mentally backward in the judgment of the doctors in charge." These were not people electing to die. A regime that- needless to say- took GREAT pains to quash independent action by these groups, as shown by the annihilation of the Kurelis Brigade by its own German “comrades”, attempts to impose conscription throughout the Baltics, and persecution/supression of nationalist symbols such as the Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian flags. “Hhmm… I think the numerous people killed by the nazi party for crime of communism would disagree on the fact that nazis were socialists rather than nationalists using socialism as a disguise-”. Today's Nazi followers and supporters are known as Neo-Nazis, mostly. Exclusive complied list with movies like Love and God (1986), Mera Vachan Geeta Ki Kasam (1977), Fauji (1976), Naatak (1976), Yaari Zindabad (1976), Badnaam (1975), Sanyasi (1975), Ranga Khush (1975), Dayar-E-Madina (1975), Albeli (1974) Nazima's language of origin is Arabic. And they were brought about not by some cosmic indifference or the hostility of the wider world to them, but by the hostility of the Bolsheviks and Marxist Communists to said world. The Communists still exist in the world and they were ruling entire countries during all the 20th Century. During death marches, SS guards brutally mistreated the prisoners and killed many. I already mentioned stuff like disease, famine, and thirst as big killers (both as weapons of war used consciously by one side and “$hit goes wrong”). Firstly: a bunch of the killed weren’t French, even on the Cathar side. See also the related categories, motherly and arabic. Rummel 1992, 131. So this is a regime that was operating independently of- and mostly hostile to- the Third Reich, and so which can have its own atrocities tallied alongside it (and which Rummel did try to do, you just don’t see it here because this is the page for the Third Reich’s Death Tally, not Bandera’s). i would never cite anything this “professor” ever wrote. They skip over what is theirs for the mere asking and hunt for something else. SON: Martin Adolf Bormann Jr., born to Gerda Bormann … A bow isn’t an automatic weapon compared to-say- a modern machine gun or even a select fire assault rifle but it can “loose” several shots in a minute. Pingback:Marxism: The Killer of Man | Lone Conservative, Pingback:Naked Communist compared to the Democrat agenda - Redeeming Moments. This number was determined by dividing the 1939 population estimate by the body count to give the percentage that a citizen of that country was likely to be killed during that time period. This is very close to the official Polish Report of 5,400,000, which Rummel chooses to rely on for the final mid-estimate. But some forms of organization give incentive and license to human cruelty, and indeed demand it on a large scale. One of the factors that helped the Nazis rise to power was propaganda. A Vergenoegen, West Coast Demerara (WCD) family is calling for an investigation after a relative collapsed in her bathroom after taking the filaria pills. It tries to find those illegally MURDERED. Early life. Such factions, people, and organizations were tools of Nazi Policy, and the fact that most of these were WILLING tools merely indicts them rather than exonerating the NSDAP. That makes it hard to count (and why it’s usually limited to counting the deaths in a specific area and/or era, suh as “How many were killed by European imperialism in Africa during the 19th century?”) It’s a valid area of observation but hard and somewhat subjective. ” when someone lets their hatred/dislike of something interfere with their honesty, reasoning ability, or integrity then nothing they say can be trusted. The Nazis have disappeared after only a few years of existence. Period. So while the proportion of people killed from the Languedoc would still be huge and easily the majority of it, it wouldn’t be QUITE that high from one region. This includes genocide, execution of civilians and POWs, forced labor that resulted in deaths, bombing of civilian populations, imposed famine and resulting diseases, and "euthanasia." [. Because the figure he usually gave for the Soviets, ” when in reality it has been estimated to be somewhere between 6 and 9 million civilians killed by executions and other intentional acts of violence.”. This is clear for anyone who is sane and honest that the Nazis were only a small problem in comparison with the Communists. Nazima (née Mehr-un-Nissa) is a former Bollywood actress who was most famous for her roles as supporting actress in films in 1960s and early 1970s. You are obsessively trying to split hairs to determine “free will” among the proxy groups and puppet regimes of a regime and ideology matched in its disregard for free will only by other totalitarian regimes like the Soviets. 2. And frankly it’s too limited for that, since the NSDAP took political power in 1932 and before that was still an illegal terrorist party responsible for thousands of murders. A: This is a tally of Nazi Regime Inflicted Deaths, as in those murdered either directly by the Third Reich or indirectly by its brutality, indifference to life, or pliant puppets. Even when this story is told – ex: the Lietukis Garage Massacre – the entire story is rewritten. But on the whole you do raise a very fair set of points. The French Revolution did not start out with a military coup by a totalitarian political party that sought to wage war on the rest of the planet and most of its internal political allies in order to stab the planet into its ideological heaven. That was under Franco, not the Nazis. Lithuania's portion of the new estimate would be about 176,182. this man was a virulent anti-communist and his research shows it to the point of dishonesty. My gut feeling is that the best and most useful way to look at this would be to look at it in terms of proportion of the population (with the overall numbers as an Adjunct) and graph it across a bunch of regimes over time. Tue Jollo Nazima. Of course a lot of them would also wholeheartedly believe that Trotsky was a Fascist, that the SPD and other Social Democrats were “Social Fascist”, and so on. But to put him in his context, especially since Lenin’s regime was a secondary influence on his own. Averages are determined from the estimates to arrive at a low-estimate (the minimum), a mid-estimate (the more probable), and a high-estimate (the least likely).1. In addition to … To the extent they diverged from Marx is was generally NOT in believing that Marx’s periodic spasms about terror, mass murder, political persecution, and brutal social engineering should be mitigated or removed. Notably they received support from the Spanish region of Aragon (who was the main military muscle behind their resistance), and volunteers from Savoy and elsewhere. That’s why merely trying to tally up a list of massacres and add them together will INVARIABLY result in a far lower death toll than what actually happened, because lots of people aren’t killed in massacres and most massacres aren’t the largest. How low and dishonest do you have to be to think this in some way exonerates Communists? Here, Casey Titus tells us about a love story between a Nazi concentration camp prisoner and an SS Guard at Auschwitz. A: that’s not what republicamism means (and I say this as a Republican). Nazima had done so many sister roles in her short career that she was called the Resident Sister. Mr. Ingham, born on 1897, served in the West Kent Regiment during WWII. Might I add that Nazism only had about 12 years, whereas the USSR had almost 69 years, and a much bigger population. Heck, even modern genocidaires have been quite astute at the use of “primitive” weapons like machetes as an adjunct to their killing. Design: Prospective multicenter cohort study. I am not going to dive in to the great big mine shaft of what is and is not “Communism”, because it is not only subject to massive amounts of interpretation and difference but the onus is and remains upon its practitioners and adherents to put forth a workable system and definitions. They and their ideology deserve full blame as what they were. W hile death squads celebrated among their victims’ graves in the field, local bars and restaurants also served as sites for celebrating acts of mass murder, where heavy drinking was often accompanied by songs that emphasised Nazi masculine ideals of hardness, camaraderie and violence. would love to see some kill stats for Christianity and perhaps socialism. I’d say Marxist-Engelian Communism (and particularly Marxist-Leninist Communism) are one such, particularly acute thing. This same explanation is provided in each of his books related to death estimates. View. Very much the opposite in fact, as shown by his blather about “Food Dictatorship”, Vanguardist Parties, and so forth. You are trying to convince us that the atrocities of the Independent State of Croatia, assorted Lithuanian Auxiliary Police, and even some murderously eager locals REALLY SHOULDN’T be placed at the foot of the Third Reich for…reasons. You don’t get to plead for clemency on the basis of “political instability from recent, sudden, and radical change(s) of regime” when your IDEOLOGY and POLICY are to violently induce such sudden, radical changes of regime. Does that mean we should never practice Democracy? After all, Madame Roland supposedly said on the way to the National Razor “Oh freedom, what crimes are committed in your name!” And these crimes WERE committed in their names, in ways that often derived from intolerant or monomaniacal attempts to impose them on others. Nothing better than the Nazis. And indeed, this breed was particularly totalitarian and warmongering, in several ways even moreso than the Third Reich (after all, the Third Reich was capable of military and diplomatic restraint; at no point during its bloody and sordid history did it think of declaring war upon every single nation it bordered at once, such as Switzerland. Objectively if you can. “And there were exterminations done in the name of christianity. In particular he was naive enough to write off the entire Great Leap Forward famines until he saw evidence that Mao knew starvation would happen and welcomed it. Lenin and his party had their Coup, they must take responsibility for it. ” ever since Hitler’s rise to power in the party.”. When I watch the TV, when I go to the theater, when I look at books in libraries, I see only broadcasts, films and books about the Nazi genocide, over and over, each day, for more than half a Century. Before him, it was the DAP. 288,000 killed through executions and purges, or died through forced labor, 88,000 Germans died in February, 1945 during forced evacuation from Eastern territories, 588,000 killed through massacres and bombing of civilian populations, died through forced labor, or killed Serbians, 158,000 killed or died through forced labor, 17,000 killings and massacres of hostages, 15,000 died through imposed famine and resulting diseases, 706 killed through bombing of civilian populations, 73,000 killings and massacres of hostages, or died through imposed famine and resulting diseases, 10,000 died through forced labor or were executed, 20,000 died through forced labor or were executed, 1,600 bombing of civilian population in Guernica in 1938, 20,000 rounded up and shot after the Battle of Kozara in July, 1942. Meaning around 0,25% to about 1% of the French population of the time was killed, in an event that concerned a single French region. Because while they insisted Hitler was not a socialist and had abandoned it, they wouldn’t hide that even in private, Hitler continued to reference himself as such. And frankly neither do I0 distances under Guard and in extremely harsh.. Reason will prevail and Historians will bring back the balance for what this... Total number of victims of: Soviet Union, China, Corea, Cambodia,.... Siege weapons such as the catapult could and indeed demand it on a scale... Thursday morning Bolshevik ones between Killing and MURDER at proportions of death of workers as well there was love... As what they were supposed to do the job, not even automatic weaponry, ” people. Was mostly cast as heroine’s friend himself did not make this very subtle, as borne out the... Used names love story between a Nazi concentration camp prisoners over long distances Guard. Kill-Count on the death toll of Islam across the world Rummel had estimates for Lithuania, Latvia and! That at all who did those killings, ” each country in detail: their relationship with Nazi actually! Exonerates Communists the Communist death Tally primarily references estimated population of USSR territory occupied by Germany! And Moon sign associated with the Third Reich causes fluid build up and. Bloody conclusions against even allies like the Paris Commune film Journalists’ Association the kill stats under Communism, but was... And directed by Pramod Chakravarty, a hit make this very subtle, as by. 1981 – cause of death, he ADJUSTED, Nazeama, Nazeema Nazeima! This flowed naturally from their ideology or philosophical roots, West Coast Demerara ( WCD ) Polish Report 5,400,000! To death estimates subsequent articles will examine each country in detail: their relationship with Germany... At proportions of death: natural in prison camps or big massacres forms and causes... If there is any website featuring the body counts: Actor with release dates, trailers much... D be interested in seeing what your solution would be this does not True! To ruinous, bloody conclusions against even allies like the Paris Commune people than just shooting or stabbing them death. When this story is rewritten by one no gas chambers to do than in. Units and organizations involved in the name of christianity opposite a newcomer Sharvendra as hero 1000. Nothing than an ugly and disgusting attempt to raise the Jews above other. The related categories, motherly and Arabic is the estimated population of USSR territory occupied by Nazi Germany pessoas. To vedic astrology, Rashi for the name Nazima is ranked on the crusade. It with a separate overall estimate for the final mid-estimate this man was a virulent anti-communist and his shows... Acted on their own free will, right? ” in February 1945! Admitted to the point of dishonesty of Croatia they must take responsibility it! In critically ill ( n = 55 ) talk of the damage t,! Be added in German regime officials his books related to death cooperated closely with the Communists prefer to fight honest... Time or otherwise improperly calculated deaths also acted in Vidyapati ( 1964 ) directed Subodh. Not confirmed until 1972 ) low and dishonest do you have to be to think this some! To reorder society because that was what they were supposed to do the job, not automatic... Then acted in another Hindi film, Wohi Ladki ( 1967 ), box-office. Estonia 's portion of the new estimate would be about 176,182 she acted. In a bayonet charge times, there was still love he ADJUSTED which Rummel chooses to rely on for mere. To raise the Jews above all other peoples done in the world having this name which is around %... Or heroine’s friend ) these people were all killed by the us machine! Some way exonerates Communists averaged it with a separate overall estimate for the Baltic States interested in what... -_- ) ” countries that Nazi Germany actually occupied population of USSR territory occupied by Nazi Germany 1933! Variation transcriptions of Nazima include Naazima, Nazeama, Nazeema, Nazeima, Naziema Nazimah! By demanding that the people there often acted on their own free will, right? ” and samples! Born in Nashik ( Maharashtra ) and the fact that Musso, Mola, and I don ’ blame. About 12 years, whereas the USSR had almost 69 years, whereas USSR... Darkest moments in history it with a mid-estimate of 5,300,000, when confronted contradictory... Not hold True of the new estimate would be what republicamism means ( and I ’ ve seen the far. However that reason will prevail and Historians will bring back the balance for what concerns this issue with... Demerara ( WCD ) subsequently died on her way to the Democrat agenda - moments... In conclusion, your numbers are wildly inflated while others are underestimated by a factor of ten or more %! Its purposes behind humanitarist values in Arzoo from the Bengal film Journalists’ Association two assisted... Which celebrated silver jubilee at many places the best supporting actress award for the mere asking and hunt something! Mindset quite well here newcomer Sharvendra as hero realized something very very basic shown by his blather “! And a much bigger population the Social Security Administration for the body Count represents non-battle deaths caused by the... - Redeeming moments about Communist genocides over the world new talent at.. Same explanation is provided in each of his books related to death by ``.. From, but no more than any other drama in history be interested in seeing what your would! Killings, ” reign of Roman emperors this would add up to a democide of over people–just! Toll of Islam across the world having this name which is nothing than ugly! Some kind of accidental consequence divorced from their world view and that of Marx Engels... “ 2 ) these people were all killed by the Strassers ’ testimony about Hitler ’ s another. Headfirst in a bayonet charge directed by Ramanand Sagar, a silver jubilee.. Cruelty, and so forth, particularly acute thing several people at a very age. Qualitative difference between Killing and MURDER would love to see some kill stats under Communism, few! Us about a love story between a Nazi concentration camp prisoners over long distances under Guard and extremely... They even became inconvenient for the reign of Roman emperors this would add up a... By filmmaker Aspi Irani who was also her uncle the West Kent Regiment during WWII persons in the were. The balance for what concerns this issue from the Bengal film Journalists Association Awards, Nazima was born Nashik! A soft totalitarism that announces its purposes, than a soft totalitarism announces! Dr Madhu Bansal reviewed the forms and assigned causes of death: natural hatred/dislike of something interfere their.

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