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Tomb Raider Reloaded microsite featuring artwork and game logo [ 23 Nov 2020] Our Tomb Raider Reloaded microsite is now online featuring artwork, game logo and teaser trailer. Lara wants to intervene, but Unuratu says they need to focus on the larger goal: finding the Box and stopping Amaru's plans. It consists of one mural, one photo, and six documents, all found in The Hidden City. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the 2018 sequel to Rise of the Tomb Raider, and third and allegedly final installment in the Survivor Timeline. Cross the other rope bridge, beyond where the archer fell. * Tool URL: Keep climbing as you talk. There's a mural (18/23), The Winged Serpent (Yucatec/Pantheon of Gods), just below where you anchored the rope line. You have to do that during "Belly of the Serpent" mission (after Lara's meeting with Etzli). This page features locations of 3 chests and 34 survivalist caches. Paititi is a bustling city with challenge tombs, side missions and more and serves as a central hub for Lara Croft in her upcoming adventure. Document (2) can be found near the Belly of the Serpent campsite, near the path that leads to the Belly of the Serpent location. (screenshot) Squeeze through the narrow opening and follow the wide passageway up several short flights of steps. You can come across this secret when you are walking down the main corridor. (screenshots). Document (11) can be found shortly after entering Temple of the Sun challenge tomb - after climbing a few walls and entering the main tomb. When Lara and the queen emerge outside. The queen asks Lara to give her amulet to Etzli, and urges Lara not to give in to the temptation of the Box. The toxic cloud emitted when the lures are triggered should knock out a few enemies as they approach. (This is the same one you passed earlier on the other side.) Follow this link for details about this site's advertising and privacy policy. Then swing back and forth to knock it off the wall. If you have already obtained the LOCKPICK, you may want to take some time, either before or after completing the Freedom Side Missions, to return to COZUMEL, KUWAQ YAKU, and the PERUVIAN JUNGLE. If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. The 5 outcasts will be marked on the map … She'll keep watch while Lara investigates. :D. WAS THIS WALKTHROUGH HELPFUL? Climb up and around to the right until you reach a narrow handhold. Before following the main path to the right, position Lara little higher on the wall, so she's roughly level with the skeleton (1/3) hanging from the cliffside to your right. Our guide is here to help with all the locations from crypts to caches. "When the Crimson Fire smokes, seek your mirror," she says, but if Unuratu knows what this means, she doesn't explain. After you've completed the girl's tasks, the nanny, Mayu, gives you a second mission, Stop the Ritual. Lara barely has time to take in what's happened when more cultists arrive. If you've already knocked down the other two, this will complete the Dunkin' Bones Challenge. Before you use it, stand near the edge and look down. Document (3) is in a hut that can't be accessed right away. (screenshot) Either before or after searching for the monolith riches, head back to the south along either of the walkways running along above the staircase, to find a relic (20/28), a Tlaloc Vase (Yucatec/Pantheon of Gods), sitting on the table overlooking the monolith. Then jump over the water to the climbable wall on the front of the statue. (screenshot). Side Missions: 6 – Freedom - Free The Rebels, Freedom - Save Colqui, Widow's Tears, Ancient Studies - Decipher the Mural, Ancient Studies - Stop the Ritual, Stay of Execution - Rescue Hakan 8/5/19 - Shifted "point of no return" warning to before entering the Temple of Kukulkan, thanks to a heads-up from SpirantCrayon22. Don't wait around for them to work, though. Then refer to the CRYPT WALKTHROUGH linked above. The secret is in the lower part of that location - you can find it after Lara examines contents of the sarcophagus. I fell from his mouth and now lie beneath him." Document (2) is on top of the wooden construction near the water. There's another document (31/42), Conspiracy (Secrets and Lies), sitting on a small table in the northeast corner. Their bodies don't glow in Survival Instinct for some reason, but they carry rifle or shogtun ammo and other items, which can be handy if you run low. If you select the monolith on the map, a circle marks the area in which the treasure can be found. Shadow of the Tomb Raider > The Hidden City 100% If you like the straight forward guides and like to see more in the future, please show support by WHITELISTING CAMZILLASMOM.COM in your ADBLOCK. I found this to be more trouble than it's worth, but if it helps you, by all means go for it. REVISITING THIS LEVEL LATER IN THE GAME: There are still a few areas, primarily the Path of Battle Challenge Tomb, the nearby Crypt, and the surrounding jungle on the middle west side of Paititi. I have 4/5 progression, and the final challenge location is marked on my map (past the dye house, and where the trader usually visits). (screenshots), Now rappel down a little farther, wall run back and forth to build momentum, and jump over to the climbable area on the stone column to the right. (screenshots). Annotated Level Maps: Upper Paititi | Hidden City Complete. (screenshots) Then climb down the ledges to the north, as described here. You can just run for the exit, blast your way through any enemies standing in the way, then squeeze through the narrow opening. The game will tell you if you need to change outfits in order to access certain areas/conversations. Unuratu, and the earthquake, will wait. Document (2) is in the south-west part of the temple's main room. SIDE MISSIONS 5 & 6 – FREEDOM: Speak to Poma, the rebel strategist, who is standing on the ledge on the east side of the cave. In this Shadow of the Tomb Raider Side Missions Guide, we will guide you on how to you can find and complete the various side missions present in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. (screenshots). UPPER PAITITI – RITUAL SACRIFICE: During your walk through the temple, a photo of the mural depicting The Silver Box of Ix Chel, appears in the Artifacts menu under Lara's Notebook. Even if you choose not to do the side mission, you may want to visit the PAITITI MARKET to sell excess resources. Unuratu says that Amaru is planning a public sacrifice. You've just completed the shortest objective ever!). Move the camera back around so it's pointing between the two columns. GORGE OUTSIDE TEMPLE: When you have everything here, exit through the doorway on the east side of the temple. Lara enters the inner tomb, which is full of interesting ornaments and offerings. Cimb to the left then upward until Lara is hanging just below a pair of Eagle Archers. Once you reach this handhold, you can take your time. Run forward, jump toward the wall, and grapple the slats below the doorway ahead. There are various resources sitting out in the open, including the jade at the bottom of the stairs leading down to the old barracks mentioned in the mission walkthrough (screenshot) and some gold in the little pool to the left of the stairs leading up to Hakan's cell. When you reach the narrow ledge with plants growing above, climb to the right then jump/climb upward until you can pull up onto the statue's hand. Jump off the end of the wooden ramp and grapple the climbing wall above. You can find this secret shortly after you enter inside through the hole in the wall. In this playthrough of Shadow of the TOMB RAIDER, I must find the "Return to Paititi" The item totals above are for this section only and also do not include the items found in the AGE MAKERS SIDE MISSION and the PATH OF HURACAN CHALLENGE TOMB, which are part of the second DLC pack, THE PILLAR, are covered in a separate section. Expedition Report When you complete the mission, Hakan gives you 400 gold pieces and the FINELY-CRAFTED KNIFE, which allows Lara to harvest more resources from animals, along with all of the other features of the previous knife upgrades you've unlocked. (See below.). Document (1) can be found right after you enter the temple located inside the mountain. (screenshots), Climb to the left. NOTE: Once you enter the TEMPLE OF KUKULKAN (below), you will not be able to return to the rest of the city for a while. Point the camera toward the skeleton. In the Eagle Archers' squad room at the far end of the bridge, you'll find a resource container, an archivist map (6/7), 2 documents (35/42 and 36/42), Cult of Kukulkan (from the Cult of Kukulkan Story) and The Cult's Promise (Subjugating Paititi), as well as a relic (26/28), Map of Search Areas (Trinity). Covering the Tracks 4. * **********************************************/ I was looking for bones in all the wrong places. The earliest you can there is after you rescue Unuratu from the cell (you will also have to defeat a few cultists). As soon as you stand up to shoot arrows, the warrior on the platform will notice Lara, so take him out first. Moraekah by default lives in the Hidden City Paititi - the biggest location in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which you will reach by progressing in the main storyline.. SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Paititi Cinematic Frames. (screenshots), There are also a number of red explosive jars scattered around the area, which you can shoot to kill or injure nearby enemies, and some small ceramic jars that can be used to make smoke bombs, in order to screen Lara from enemies. There are 28 relics hidden in Paititi which is one of the locations in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Oops! This will be included in the THIRD HIDDEN CITY WALKTHROUGH, since there is also a mission that takes you to that area. A platform where you can perform a Swan Dive is nearby. Document (10) is near the entrance to Temple of the Sun challenge tomb. That being said, it's still the Tomb Raider many fans know and love. The female merchant in the PAITITI MARKET also sells both. The first crypt of the Hidden City area is near the abandoned village (picture1).Climb the wall north of the village and pull a rope like in the picture (picture2).Then climb along the rocky wall to reach the entrance to the crypt (picture3). Unuratu says the one on her left arm is her destiny, "The Crimson Fire of Chak Chel." There are 7 enemies in the first group, a Jaguar Warrior on the platform directly ahead and a mix of warriors and archers, who drop down from the doorways on the far left and right. This challenge tomb is located in the south of the Hidden City of Paititi. There are 6 challenges in The Hidden City (Paititi). You may spot the flashing light of a survival cache on the west bank of the river. You probably won't need them here in Paititi, but they will come in handy in the next level, PORVENIR OIL FIELDS. Traverse around the corner to the right. Looking for all of the collectibles in Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Then scramble up onto the ledge above. Stella's Tomb Raider Site: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide and Walkthrough. Note (5) is in the cave explored during "Retrieve the Savior's Amulet" side mission. As you head toward Unuratu's place, Jonah contacts Lara by radio. As you move around the courtyard, keep an eye out for the Trinity soldiers Unuratu killed. The Cult's Control 5. You can get there from the main water reservoir. Stella's Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough - For Windows PC, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints . Paititi is the largest city in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, with tons of collectibles and side missions that you can complete. We suggest that you view the map … So you'll need to find another way to Unuratu. The Shadow of the Tomb Raider Challenges give Lara a distraction from, erm, raiding tombs, and there are plenty of them to work through across the different regions in the game. NOTE: Many of the minor collectibles, including gold and jade, will have respawned after you return from the CENOTE, so you may want to revisit parts of the city that you explored earlier. 1/15/18 - Added note about returning to Cozumel along with the other treasure chest locations to achieve 100% completion in earlier levels. Here is a general overview of what is expected and what will be rewarded for helping the citizens of Paititi. You can get it once you start "Rebellion Lives" main mission. (screenshots), Finally, climb into the high window of Unuratu's prison cell and drop down inside. (screenshot). (screenshot), Below the ornate altar in the middle of the room is a box with a relic (22/28), Bloodletter (Yucatec/Pantheon of Gods). As you move through the temple, she explains to Lara how during the eclipse ritual, she will be tempted to remake the world following her own desires. Document (4) is in the northern part of the temple's main room. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trophy Roadmap. (screenshot) Drop into the shallow pit to the left of the altar and head for the northwest corner to find a buried survival cache (24/34). Finally, move through the narrow opening on the south side of the courtyard (screenshot) to trigger a series of cutscenes. Shadow of the Tomb Raider features tons of extra content for you to explore and complete. (screenshots). Trophies. Lara tells Jonah and Uchu that when she reached its hiding place, the Silver Box was gone. Then continue climbing upward and around to the right. The clue leads you to survival cache (23/34). RETURNING FROM THE CENOTE: Lara re-enters the city at the north end of the river, near the Fishing District Base Camp. The Hidden City, Paititi. (screenshots), Don't be afraid to run away if things get too intense. The secret is in the corridor that leads to the damaged ladder. As you go, Lara talks to Jonah by walkie-talkie. Document (13) is inside the crypt in Kukulkan temple. NOTE: If you're returning here later to complete the tomb, fast travel to the Temple of Kukulkan Base Camp, which appears at this end of the wooden bridge once you've completed this area. Document (12) is inside Temple of the Sun challenge tomb. Completing both missions earns the HEART OF THE EAGLE BOW and 450 gold pieces. As Lara approaches the building ahead, she overhears some cultists talking. Document (9) is near the entrance to Temple of the Sun challenge tomb. As you work through the next two Side Missions, collect the components for lure arrows (wood, feathers, cloth, and beetle venom). Paititi, the Hidden City, is the biggest location in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. If you still don't have the LOCKPICK, wait until after you meet MORAEKAH again in the upper city. After speaking with Etzli at the entrance to the temple courtyard, your main objective is updated. This is the easiest part of the quest as the player wont face many obstacles and the map puts markets above each prisoners. Stand in the place presented in the picture and shoot at the ropes. (screenshots). Now that Lara is wearing the Serpent Guard disguise, he'll let her pass. Once you've killed the last enemy, Lara stands up straight, indicating the coast is clear. (screenshot) Then use your axe to break down the crumbling wall so you can escape. postemail8809+=String.fromCharCode(emailarray8809[i]) Document (1) is inside Unuratu's house. Reach the adjacent hut in the south. BUG NOTE: If you're playing the PC version and encounter any invisible walls preventing you from exploring the upper city, reverting to an earlier build of the game, at least temporarily, should help. From the ledge with mural #18, jump to the horizontal bar off to the right, swing and jump to grab the narrow handhold running around the broad stone column. Just before the 3 Jaguar Warriors blocking the way, there's a braided rope barrier on the right. Examining the tomb stele unlocks the Warrior Skill Jaguar's Paw, which automatically increases Lara's chances of knocking down enemies with melee attacks. (screenshot), In the northwest corner there's another relic (21/28), a Wooden Rifle (Quechua/Inside Out), sitting on a table inside what looks like a store selling housewares. As you go, Jonah makes contact by radio to say he's ready and waiting. This page features maps depicting various parts of the city where we have marked those secrets. You can't reach it from here, but we'll get to it soon. Wall run back and forth to knock down the skeleton, initiating the Dunkin' Bones Challenge. Document (6) can be found near the starting point in Path of Battle challenge tomb. She mentions the coming earthquake and says they need to hurry, but this is just gamespeak. Then scramble up the wall to grab a handhold at the top of the column. The video below shows what all outfits/costumes/armor sets in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider look like, including Croft Edition outfits, Vestige outfits, and rewards for completing the previous Tomb Raider games. Lara agrees to help. She then has the sad task of giving Etzli his mother's amulet and telling him what happened to her. Meanwhile, if you have trouble finding anything, I'm happy to help. Grapple-swing across the gap and grab a handhold above the barred windows. Then, if you have the Viper's Lure Skill, lay down a couple of lure arrows ahead on the right and left. If you've been collecting documents and relics, you should have enough Yucatec to read it. Each patch claiming to fix 100% has come and gone and my little bug remains. Then continue following Unuratu as she leads Lara up the stairs to the northwest and through the crowd gathered to witness the sacrifice. Review. Journal (9) is in the room that can be accessed by crossing the drawbridge. (screenshot), RE-ENTERING THE TEMPLE: When you're ready to continue with the story, follow Unuratu into the temple. Besides the document, you can also find, i.e. var emailarray8809= new Array(115,116,101,108,108,97,108,117,110,101,64,116,111,109,98,114,97,105,100,101,114,115,46,110,101,116) CROSSING THE GORGE TO UNURATU'S PRISON AND THE THIRD CRYPT ENTRANCE: From the ledge near the rope bridge and the exit from the TEMPLE OF KUKULKAN, jump over to the climbable cliff wall. THIRD CRYPT ENTRANCE – UTURUNKU, THE FERRYMAN: If you like, you can now take a slight detour to explore a crypt or continue with the rescue operation. When you run out of climbable wall, jump forward/right and grapple the rough stone overhang. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Official Digital Strategy Guide for PC, PS4, Xbox One ... Paititi Cenotes Return to Hidden City–Paititi Porvenir Oil Fields Mission of San Juan City of the Serpent City of the Serpent–Hidden City Challenge Tomb and Crypt Maps. (screenshot). Climb down and dig it up. ... On your return to the Hidden City, the storyline will take you into upper Paititi. ... revealing the items on the map … (screenshots). When you see the Melee icon, press the button to drag him off the edge. Then Etzli confers briefly with his mother. 3/13/19 - Added language proficiency needed to decipher monolith #7, thanks to Stu40000. You can explore the area just outside to pick up a few more supplies. THE TEMPLE OF KUKULKAN: When you're ready to continue with the story, approach the 2 cult guards at the south end of the building in the middle of the courtyard. He tells Lara that his business partner, a man named Sumaq, has been killed. The handhold crumbles away, but Lara is able to grab the horizontal ledge below the windows. Check the FIRST HIDDEN CITY WALKTHROUGH for details. The totem is marked on my map but IS NOT THERE in game. Head down the steps toward the south side of the island. Just beyond the golden wall decoration, which Lara notes has unmistakable Inca influencea cutscene begins. Before leaving the cave, climb onto the ledge behind Poma to find black powder and a resource canister. Before crossing the river, drop down onto the ledge below the rope-wrapped post to find an explorer backpack (5/6). Report (6) is inside of a hut located high up in the air. Challenge Tomb 9 – Mission of San Juan – Thirsty Gods. See the separate WIDOW'S TEARS MISSION WALKTHROUGH for details. The secret is in the corridor adjacent to the room with large mirrors. If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. (Press F2 on the keyboard or hold L1/LB on the controller and press Circle/B, assuming you have unlocked the Heart of the Jaguar Skill.) All outfits/costumes showcase. (screenshots), When you have everything, proceed across the bridge to the west, to the temple entrance where Unuratu is waiting. Uchu then gives Lara a green Serpent Guard uniform, which will enable her to move freely through the upper city. Then he orders his men to return her to her cell. This time, the second archer spots Lara, but Unuratu makes quick work of him. Either shoot him where he stands, wait for him to come to you and blast him with the shotgun, or use the Puma's Feint/Dodge Kill. In this Shadow of the Tomb Raider Side Missions Guide, we will guide you on how to you can find and complete the various side missions present in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The next skeleton (2/3) for the challenge is hanging from the column on the left. Document (3) lies on the ground - you won't have problems with spotting it. ;), ANCIENT AQUEDUCT CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE: The guards near the wooden bridge spanning the river tell Lara that no one is allowed to enter the prison. Challenge Tombs: 1  Challenges: 1  Treasure Chests: 1  Crypts: 2  Relics: 9  Documents: 14  Murals: 4  Survival Caches: 8  Monoliths: 2  Archivist Maps: 2  Explorer Backpacks: 1  Northern part of the location The totem is marked on my map but IS NOT THERE in game. Amaru tells her that the Box is gone, stolen by the missionary Andres Lopez 400 years ago. Jump down. NOTE: If you've already completed this part of the story and are returning later to raid the crypt, fast travel to the Temple of Kukulkan Base Camp, which appears here later on. If you've been following this walkthrough, you'll have no trouble deciphering it. A brief cutscene shows her stowing her guns, and your objective is updated. As you move through the temple, then the Upper City, here are a few resources to gather along the way, including some gold on a small altar on the stairs beyond the main room. If you miss her here, you can find her later in these locations. Before crossing the bridge, examine the Fluent Yucatec monolith (7/7) to the right. Shadow of the Tomb Raider porównanie cen w 4 sklepach, cena już od 41,08 zł poznaj wiarygodne opinie przeczytaj recenzje sprawdź dane techniczne wybierz najlepszą ofertę. See this page for details. The clue reads, "A once ferocious warrior, raised as a warning. Dig up the treasure. As always, I welcome your corrections/suggestions. Enjoy 58 of the very finest frames showcasing Paititi in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. She then uses the archer's weapon to shoot down another guard and continues across the long wooden bridge. Lara investigates the legend of the Maya apocalypse whilst battling through a treacherous storm, and fighting off Trinity! For Shadow of the Tomb Raider on the PlayStation 4, Guide and Walkthrough by optimusmart. Proceed further into the location and avoid more traps. (screenshot). for (i=0;i

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