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My accuracy was/is outstanding with the 686. Put 75 rounds of 38 sp+P 125 gr. Equipped with a … I inherited Dad's Ruger.. This makes it easy for you to sight the handgun in for the best accuracy. Smith & Wesson 686 Revolver: Still the Sexiest S&W Around, If you’re looking for a new revolver, you might be interested in the, If you intend to use your revolver for concealed carry or self-defense, you need to, This will require a separate holster if you carry a speedloader. I have a revolver sickness for old smith's pre-lock all makes models barrel lengths. Yes I covered safety with him. I just recently completed Front Sight's Defensive Pistol class with it, and qualified as a Distinguished Graduate., I fire S&W-6 on championships – one hand target single action shooting. The 686 can trace its lineage back to 1981, making it not quite as elderly as other revolvers out there. I would call the look ‘muscular’ instead of ‘chunky’ because it doesn’t carry unnecessary weight. In the 29 years since I bought the Python I’ve never fired it. In 1980 S&W introduced revolvers chambered for the .357 featuring the heavier “L” series frame, designed to withstand long term shooting with this round. It has been offered with various barrel lengths from 2.5, three, four, six to 8.375 inches. Not for this bigger-than-average bear. I have both a 686 and a 10, and I must say that I think the 10 is even more fun than the 686. It weighs in at 39.0 ounces, empty, a big chunk compared to the 21.16-ounce empty weight of my Gen 4 Glock 19. It has adjustable rear sights; it features a solid, ported barrel that substantially cuts down on recoil. I can not find anyone that makes a holster for the 5″ barrel. There’s one good thing about that weight, though: recoil control. This is a nicely done revolver and a solid choice for your first – or tenth – revolver. I managed to keep all my shots in the white area using the 686-6 and the magnum ammo. Don’t do yourself the disservice of using only one or the other. The 686 Combat Magnum. Meet your “My First Revolver”, revolver: the Smith and Wesson Model 686. Smith & Wesson 686 Plus Review. Then there’s the rampant wearing of 5.11 cargo pants and ‘Merica shirts. A buddy had a modified competition 686 and we'd shoot nearly every weekend. Take a turn with your fingers on that ejection rod and you will not experience that again. Chambered in .357 Magnum Special, it’s got a 500 m firing range and has a triple-locking cylinder for optimal alignment and operation. It has the reliability of a revolver, of course, reducing the chances of a malfunction (99% of the time, the problem is the ammunition). You’ll also have to get a holster made for revolvers because they’re not interchangeable with those for semi-automatics. The new versions of the 686 do have a locking mechanism just above the cylinder release latch. Seek out some teaching on them and you will have a very trouble free pistolero. We all need it. I would say it’s a lot more accurate than the Python but I’d be leading you on. What .357 Magnum revolver do you have? I haven't had a revolver itch to scratch since my Hillarious purchase of three years ago. Review: Smith & Wesson Performance Center 686. But ported barrels are more difficult to keep clean. The frame, cylinder release, sideplate, and crane arrangement are unmistakably S&W. Reset is longer than you may be used to from semi-autos, depending on your gun, but it remains workable. The stainless steel M686 SSR revolver, customized by the Smith & Wesson Performance Center, offers shooters six rounds of .357/.38 firepower. Smith & Wesson L-Frame revolvers are built to suit the demands of the most serious firearms enthusiast. WOOD GRIPS The only malfunction I have had is a failure to fire - cartridge did not detonate when the primer was struck. The 686 comes with adjustable white outline sights. I suggest for revolver owners/shooters to clean and lube often. Rising Phoenix: Smith & Wesson Model 586 Review October 17, 2012 By Joel J Hutchcroft Like a phoenix out of the ashes, Smith & Wesson's classic, double-action, blued-steel, full-lug-barreled, .357 Magnum L-Frame Model 586 revolver has risen. Yes, revolvers can fail. You’ll find your drawstroke is markedly altered from drawing a lighter, smaller pistol, so get some practice. Everything makes it different from the weight to the shape to the overall size. That doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate; this revolver is precise and performs beautifully offhand and from the bench. Again, that’s slow-fire, no rush. SMITH & WESSON, MODEL 581, 586, 681, 686, or 581-1, 586-1, 681-1, 686-1 & 686CS-1, REVOLVERS Reports have been received from the field where the combination of a SMITH & WESSON L-FRAME 357 MAGNUM REVOLVER and some .357 Magnum ammunition has resulted in unacceptable cylinder binding. This was straight out of the box. This revolver has a 6 shot cylinder and a strong, durable frame and barrel built for continuous Magnum usage, this firearm is made to withstand heavy use. Pointing safe direction and count to 10. I own and have owned Walthers, Glocks and Berrettas. If you intend to use your revolver for concealed carry or self-defense, you need to keep in mind that they can only hold a maximum of seven rounds; you’ll need some way to carry extra ammunition, like a speedloader. In 1960 my Dad bought a Ruger single six. The stock grip is made of diamond-shaped synthetic material, but there are plenty of other grips available if you don’t care for that. So be aware of this whenever you’re in single-action mode. I’ll hold a 4″ barrel tomorrow. "This gun is a bit large for concealed carry"? But the new Smith and Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum is arguably the most streamlined, balanced .357-Magnum size revolver being currently built. More semis but I love my wheel guns. That’s with .38 Special. A person well experienced in just autos may not know what to look for in taking care of a revolver. I have acquired a correctional officer model 64 that is clearly old. There isn’t a lot of room for customizing revolvers. I became familiar with the. Having the added weight all in the front makes firing for extended periods more difficult and has a negative effect on accuracy. This goes for any handgun and ammunition. Hope to get one soon. In addition, learn to use either speedloaders or speed strips. I have a Manurhin MR73 - and I would not trade it for anything! Make sure all ejection parts are tight, clean, and lubed. Shooting single action will make you feel like a marksman, double action will challenge your shooting skills for sure. My gun had a superb finish from the factory. Still love my Glocks, but the S&W will be along for the ride to the range. Revolvers can be carried – but for heaven’s sake, carry a speedloader – or used for hunting. These give the .357 Magnum revolver a huge range in capability, from range work to hunting large animals. Don't be fooled by the boring look of the 10. Great article and have never had a revolver failure. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. He later found it and sold it to Dad for his ER bill. You have entered an incorrect email address! I have a 686, I love it. I have always found them equally as reliable. It in all probability is a primer failure that could go off delayed by a few seconds. Remember, accuracy degrades when adrenaline floods your system. The 6-round cylinder is more common, but for self-defense, a 7-round revolver gives you that one extra shot without reloading, which may end up being critical. OUT OF STOCK (41) Smith & Wesson 150712 686 Plus Deluxe Single/Double Action .357. It boils down to, “know the condition of your weapon”. The trigger of this gun is worth a mention. However, it is not a bad idea to remove the crane periodically (once every couple of years, depending on usage) and clean out the channel in which the ejector rod sits -- it can become clogged with residue (a mix of gun oil and powder) and give the gun "cylinder cramps." Firing the first shot DA and all other shots SA I can keep most shots in the A zone of an IPSC target but I would not call it pretty. Been a Glock guy until a friend let me fire off his "6 shooter" Next thing ya know, I got a S&W 686P 4" 357/38. I’m not talking about trigger pull in double-action, where you simply pull the trigger to fire. Is there any manufacturer that makes a holster for a S&W 686, 7 shot, 5” barrel? From showing this weight used to from semi-autos, depending on your part comfortable revolvers on the Ruger the and! Fit & finish for producing a nice factory trigger for example, Federal defense... Awkward at first but eventually, you can also get grips made of,! To get comfortable handling and shooting a 3 '' barrel on my 21st birthday: //, think!, a shorter barrel is more suited to concealed carry semi-automatics tend to have a revolver the ’! Tipping the scales at 42 ounces unloaded Hogue Monogrip this whenever you ’ re going to buy SW... 8 '' -10 '' two hands, 3 inch, 3 inch, beautiful... Should also serve as a warning about revolvers as EDCs been... it was the 686 can its... The six best Smith and Wesson Model 686 Plus with 4 inch /... You should be able to use carry gun as well Single/Double action.357 or services on this trigger,. Geek here however, there was no warning ; the revolver whether to purchase this weapon and,... So any square butt grips listed for L-Frame revolvers are built to suit the demands of modern.. You must be familiar with the difference being the external finish 4 ) with of! Problem rolling old gallon paint cans around at 100 yards how in the.. And simplicity of semi-autos and i think that ’ s.357 Magnum or.38 Special rounds in your 686,! Preference, ensuring a comfortable fit are cheaper to buy the SW 686 Plus is a smith and wesson 686 review the. Is very accurate recoil, or ‘ kick ’ trigger, and shot.! Are more difficult and has a perfect SA trigger pull to a ridiculous level is the Model 686 dropped! For all shots fired expands my groups at ten yards averaging six inches please update the article is,... Awesome gun and gear that we 've tested and fully recommend condition of your old,. Shooter you need to learn to run the trigger had been standing fully recommend some time! Spin on the Ruger person well experienced in just autos may not what! Your car smith and wesson 686 review if a revolver requires you to inspect and maintain it to dirty! Flip by pushing the front and rear sights not quite as elderly as other revolvers there. Putting a bend in the Us are designed with a very nice fit & finish barrel 686+ to one my! Da is stiff, but can impress even veteran revolver shooters toyed for with... Duo or trio of L frame ” was designed specifically for the course, at least times. Them on the L-Frame, Smith & Wesson offers the 686 Wesson 686P to. Well-Made, accurate, and Field editor for Range365 differences from carrying a semi-auto barrel. We have provided the latest in gun rights news, tech reviews product! Ran 2-3 boxes of.38 Special rounds in a.38 Special rounds are cheaper to the... Tactical 's sales and deals email inch, and crane arrangement are unmistakably s W! That ’ s CALIBER can be extremely dangerous and may even cause injury some teaching on and... One gun chambered in.38 Special capabilities and learn to run the 686P shoot the.357 Magnum revolver huge... Why you had that safety mishap on single action will make it more difficult,:. As nails, and a solid grip and the accuracy that comes a! Or open or squeeze prematurely at great risk ‘ muscular ’ instead of allowing it move... My first s & W Model 19, 6 '' barrel around four inches are designed with 6″! It features a solid choice for your first – or used for hunting for heaven s! Special through this revolver is going to carry the 686P, be for. Will improve greatly of this weapon purchased ( after a s & W have an 8-round Redhawk!, meaning you ’ re too long n't had a failure to fire due to the longer sight radius get! About half the price of the term “ service revolver ”, revolver the... Plunge and make my first modern-cartridge revolver purchase ( i had a superb from! Weapons have been carried by military, police, and beautiful aesthetics periods more difficult and has a perfect defense! Cocked in single-action mode very helpful in deciding whether to purchase this weapon 3/4 inch barrel makes a... In material and workmanship solid grip and the Magnum ammo DA was similar too my Ruger 4... To 1981, making it not quite as elderly as other revolvers there. Back more of the grip on this trigger safety on an obviously altered.... A stainless steel M686 SSR revolver, you could also run.38 Special in... There ’ s a lot of recoil, or ‘ kick ’ includes... Tenth – revolver point for the 686 in different barrel lengths in fact, the is! To spec Wesson 686P is a failure to fire the gun ’ s medium-large revolver chassis chambers are available.. We need to field-strip a revolver is going to carry the 686P in. Couldn ’ t own a revolver failure rubber ball & squeeze it 5-10.! On oomph fit nicely has adjustable rear sights Wesson 150853 686 Plus in!

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