When investing in real estate you have to be very careful because buying a home or a property can be tricky. To ensure that the property you are about to purchase is not a bad investment, you need to have basic understanding on house building inspection. It is quite a common story that people get scammed into buying a property by the so called professional home inspector themselves. To avoid getting duped by the unscrupulous home inspector we prepared a list of inspection scam to watch out for.

Scam #1

The home inspector insists on visual inspection only. According to the law, the home inspectors are only required to perform a visual inspection on a building. They are not required to inspect further than what is visible. So, you have to put it in the contract that the building inspector will do a full inspection and not only to what is visible. If the building inspector refuses to do a full inspection, then it is not a good idea to hire him.

Scam #2

Watch out for property building inspectors that are charging hidden costs. There’s a lot of competition among building inspectors in Perth, others may offers offer you a very low rate but once they are hired you will soon discover that there are so many additional hidden charges if you want a full inspection. Sometimes, these charges are more expensive than the original costs of inspection. To avoid this kind of scam, have a written contract that spells out the actual cost of inspection.

Scam #3

Watch out for building inspector that works for a real estate agent. If your real estate agent and building inspector somehow connected they might have under the table negotiation on the findings inspection. Remember that a real estate agent does not make commission unless you buy the property. To avoid this to happen, it would be better if you find your own independent home inspector.

Scam #4

The building inspector won’t give a guarantee. After the inspection report was done, their work is done as well. How about if they missed a problem? Well, it will be your problem now, unless they give a guarantee to do the work they missed. It would be much better if you could put the guarantee into writing. If the building inspector refuses to put the guarantee in writing don’t hire him.

Scam #5

During the house inspection, it is likely that the building inspector may damage the property. Most of them won’t be offering to pay for the damage they incurred, unless you put in into writing. Have it included in the contract that they have to pay for any damage they cause in the property.