If you are one of the many people who is confused about what is the difference between the remedial massage and relaxation massage, this article will help understand the difference between this two forms of massage.

The Remedial Massage:

In medical term, remedial massage is “the systematic assessment and treatment of the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and connective tissues of the body to help in restoration, pain and injury management.” In layman’s term, a remedial massage is kind of massage treatment that targets a specific area of the body which is not performing correctly or does generate pain. Unlike, relaxation massage, remedial massage focuses only on the part of your body that experiencing pain or abnormalities.

You may feel pain during the remedial massage because it often involves deep tissue massage technique, stretching, and soft tissue lengthening and trigger point therapy. Some therapist uses heat. It is usually for a professional massage therapist in Claremont to have a variety of techniques and tools which they use on a particular client. The main purpose of having a remedial massage is to reduce if not totally eliminates the pain, correct the abnormalities in muscles or tissues, and increase the range of motion.

The Relaxation Massage:

As its name implies, the main goal of relaxation massage is to stimulate relaxation. The massage usually involves the full body, from head to toe.  My favorite massage therapist Claremont uses repetitive long, flowing strokes that warm up the body. This type of massage helps the body to release happy hormones like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. Relaxation massage is recommended for people who are experiencing stress, sleep disorder, depression, and anxiety.

Relaxation massage is lighter than the remedial massage, you would feel the pressure but it is not as intense as those of remedial massage. It usually uses firm pressure but without that gives a “feel good pain” which enhances the feeling of relaxation. The professional massage therapist may incorporate other techniques such as aromatherapy.

To simplify the difference between the two, remedial massage uses different techniques to help cure specific or range of problems in your body. On the other hand, the relaxation massage is used to release stress and tension, and promote relaxation and rejuvenate the whole body.