The everyday thing that we normally do often contributes to the downfall of our finances. Those extra expenses that we that usually think don’t make a dent in our saving are actually hurting our finances more than we realize.  Here are five signs that you are sabotaging credit card debt reduction plans and heading to debt pit.

  1. You don’t have dirty dishes in your sink. Having a spotless sink and dishes may sound a good thing, but unless you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is actually a sign that you are spending a lot of money on eating outside your home. Whether you are taking your meals in a fast food restaurant or in a sit – down restaurant, the constant spending of money on your meal on the convenience of not having to cook can really create a dent on your finances. According to research, you can save about $3 – $5 every day if you cook your own food or bring packed lunch. That means you can save around $90 – $150 every month. Using the same computation, you have unnecessary expenditures of $90 – $150 every month. You can use this amount to pay off your debt if you choose to spend time in cooking your meals.
  2. You have iTunes, Netflix, Starz and Amazon subscriptions. If you have an account on more than one entertainment sites, you are probably hurting your finances by spending money on entertainment you don’t actually need to. Subscribing to one of the services of one may not cost much but if you have multiple subscriptions, you are actually spending money more than you need to. Take a closer look at the amount you spend on entertainment. You can probably find ways to reduce debt by cutting off some subscription that you don’t actually need.
  3. The barista at your local café knew what drink you will order. If the barista at your local café prepares your drink before you order them, can be a sign that you are sabotaging your finances. If you are visiting the café every day on your way to work, the barista will definitely learn your preference for coffee. Assuming that you are working 21 days a month, and if you are spending $5 on your latte on each day, you are actually spending $105 on coffee alone. Before you sip the caramel macchiato you just ordered, think if it can contribute to your slow slide into debt hell.