Adding a granny flat on your property for the use of your ageing loved ones or for extra income is a good idea. There are many benefits you could get in owning a granny flats. If you have a family member that needs accommodation without crowding the house and at the same time give them the much needed privacy granny flats is a way to go. Also, granny flats are good in generating rental income which could considerably help in providing the family financially.

A granny flat can be a structure attached to your home or a detached structure located at the back of your property. There’s an increasing market for granny flats nowadays and people prefer detached granny flats than attached granny flats because it offers more privacy and space. So, if you’re thinking of adding a detached granny flat in your property you should explore the pros and cons of the having an on-site with traditional constructed granny flats against the modular granny flats. There are advantages and disadvantages of both types.

Permanent Vs. Re-locatable Structures

A traditionally constructed granny flat is a permanent structure in property, thus it will add value to your property. If you have plan of putting your property in the market in the future, having a permanent traditional flat will surely give you a better market value for your property. On the hand, the modular granny flats are transportable, which means it can be relocated anytime and anywhere. So, if you decide to move you can move the granny flat with you. And since a modular granny flat does not need a slab to build you just simple re-sod the area where it built instead of having a slab demolished.

Cost Effective Granny Flats

On the whole, a relocatable modular granny flat is more cost effective than the traditionally constructed granny flat since it is less expensive to build. The prefabricated or modular flats are also easier for some homeowners to construct, but this type of structure may be prohibited in some localities. But if you’re in Perth there is no problem in having granny flats Perth.

As for the moment there is a huge market of modular granny flat where you have a large choices of materials for its interior from timber, natural stone, tiles, carpets any anything you wish to have in your granny flats.