Static homes such as your caravan often stay outside your home. Your caravan usually serves as a holiday home or a second home which are either on the road or parked at caravan site or caravan park. Since your caravan is usually out on the road or in a caravan park, it is important, though usually overlooked, that your caravan has insurance public liability cover.

In the simplest sense, the insurance public liability cover is the insurance that covers any amounts you have to legally pay for things such as accidental bodily injury, accidental loss or damage to property that arises from your ownership of the caravan. Authorities don’t require you to have a public liability insurance for your caravan, but most of the caravan park owners insist on having your caravan insured with public liability cover for the protection of your caravan, for the protection of other caravan owners which is also pitched on the same park, guests and visitors in caravan park and the public in general.

For example, if your caravan cause damage to other caravan pitched on the site, you are covered if you have public liability insurance. This amount of protection is covered by the public liability insurance which is normally an important component of insurance for static caravans.  That is why when you are planning to insure your caravan, make sure to include the public liability insurance coverage in the caravan insurance quotes mandrah.

Getting public liability insurance is not only for the protection against third party claims but also for your own good too. For instance, if you plan to lease your caravan when you are not using it, the public liability insurance is your protection from claims that your temporary tenants may file against you. Also, if you are planning to move or relocate your mobile home into other site or caravan park, insuring with it with public liability coverage will give your caravan and protection while it is on the road. Ask your favorite insurance agent for Mandura caravan insurance quotes that cover public liability insurance for your peace of mind.