I know that you are familiar with massage, but did you know that there are different types of massages suited for your needs and physical condition? There are many types of massage depending on what you need. One of these massages is the remedial massage. Remedial massage is a form of soft tissue therapy. It is usually done to help ease muscle tension and chronic pain. It is recommended for rehabilitation and helps in managing pain and injury.

Remedial massage can also help conditions such as sciatica, headaches, stiff necks, sports injuries, carpal tunnel, and other ailments can be eased with a remedial treatment. In a nutshell, the aim of remedial massage is to activate soft tissues like as ligaments, tendons and muscles to assist healing faster. A variety of manual therapy techniques are used remedial massage in Claremont including deep connective tissue massage, Muscle Energy Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Indirect and Direct Myofascial Techniques, as well as Neuromuscular Facilitation.  The use of the combination of these techniques can help in treating wide range of musculoskeletal injuries, enhances the change of recovering from injuries, increases endurance, flexibility and performance of athletes. It is also a great help in treating biomechanical patterns of strain.

Who needs remedial massage? Remedial massage is beneficial to people who are suffering from injuries and chronic pain. Having regular remedial massage can help in recovering from injuries by reducing muscle spasms and relaxing the injured and overused muscles. It can also help in preventing injuries. Remedial message is also beneficial to athletes who are preparing for competition because this type of massage is free and fast flowing that allows blood to circulate better and get the muscles ready. This is also a great to reduce the before-the-event tensions usually felt by athletes.

There are many great benefits you could get from a competent remedial massage therapist. If you like to hear more advice about remedial massage, you may contact the best remedial massage in Claremont. Contact information can be found at bodywise.net.au.