Who will take care of your children when you and your spouse both die? (Knock on the wood) This question is quite morbid but morbid or not, my friend, this is reality. There are so many cases that both parents died in accidents leaving their kids without uncared for.  Making a will or estate planning is such painful and morbid task for most people. No one wants to look forward to their own demise, which is why most of the people drag their feet when it comes to the matter of creating their will.

For most parents, the well-being and the safety of their children is their utmost concern. We strive hard to give them a good life and prepare for their future. We take them to doctor then when they get sick and secure their college education. Taking good care of your children is an admirable thing. However, majority of the parents in Australia do not have a will that designates the custody and care of their minor children in the event that both parents die. If we made a plan for the future of our kids, it is imperative that we also plan for the untoward events such death.

As parents, it is our job to secure the well-being and future of our kids and that should begin with a will that would secure their future in any case that we won’t be there take care of them. My friend Tina and her husband Dennis ask a probate lawyer Fremantle to draft a will for them just few days after their first son birth. When their second child Lara was born they revise their will to ensure that baby Lara would also be protected. By creating a will you are not inviting trouble or looking forward to your death but rather a practical move that would ensure the care of your loved ones.

No parent wants to die without securing the future of their children. No parent would want to leave their children uncared for. It is important that you have a will wherein you designate a person that would take care of your children when you die before they reach legal age. A probate lawyer Melville can help you create a will which will assign a trustee to manage your estate for your children until they reach legal age.

If I ask you now, if you die today who will take care of your children? I hope you have a clear and definite answer substantiated by a will.   Because without a will, there’s no way of protecting your kids’ future after you’re gone.